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Amelia and Jon are two young adventurers just starting out at Phoenix Academy.

During their first month, Jon decides to push himself as hard as he can in order to realize his dream of becoming a heroic adventurer as fast as he can.  However by the end of his first month, all of his extreme hard workouts have left him tired, sore, and not that much better than when he started.

Is there a better way?

Extreme workouts sound great and on a certain level they seem like the fastest way to achieve your results.  But the truth is actually kind of the opposite.  The fastest way to achieve your results is to be consistent over time while working at an intensity that is hard enough to challenge you while still low enough that you can recover from day to day.

Pushing yourself to your limits all of the time is called training on the nerve.  When you train on the nerve you have to psyche yourself up and push past your limits.  Once in a while this is fine.  Over time though, you have to convince yourself more and more to do a workout you don't want to do because your brain remembers the pain of doing it and wants to avoid that pain.

A good training intensity is about 70% of your max abilities.  If you don't know what your max ability is, a good metric is hard enough to challenge you and keep you focused, but not so hard that you treat it like a fight for life or death.  You should be able to hold a conversation but still have to concentrate on what you are doing.

What about you?  Have you been working out too hard?  Have you been having to convince yourself to workout even though you don't want to?  Does it feel like you mind and your body is fighting you? Let me know in the comments.

Drop a comment below and tell me what your workouts are like right now.  Are they extreme?  Are they too easy?  Or are they just right?