Why Kettlebell Burn Will Help You Burn Fat Even If Popular Diets Don't Work For You

Like the phoenix rising from it’s ashes, so too will you rise and reclaim all your former glory.  Kettlebell Burn is all about change.  Starting from the inside, step by step, small change by small change, Kettlebell burn is going to help you change.  That is how true transformation is achieved.

Unlike popular diets, routines, or fads, Kettlebell burn is not going to slap a 12 week total makeover, or 6 weeks to sexy program on you.  What then?  What after that program is over?  Did those programs actually address the real issues behind weight gain / loss?

At Kettlebell Burn, we will focus on true change.  We address the underlying habits and behaviors that affect weight loss and transformation.  We will teach you to do develop a consistent exercise routine, one that doesn’t interfere with your already busy life.  We will teach you how to view food and nutrition, without having to feel restricted or starved.  We will teach you how to make the small incremental changes will set you up for success, rather than failure.

Erin Lost 19 Pounds In 10 Weeks

Katy Faddler Lost 15 Pounds

Marcia Is Down 43 Pounds And Still Going.

Michelle Lost 31 Pounds.

Lisa Lost Over 15 Pounds

Nicole Has Lost Over 100 Pounds.

Alicia Lost 15 Pounds In 10 Weeks.

Kettlebell Burn was founded by Justin Cox.  Justin is a personal trainer with over 12 years experience working with mothers and fathers all over the country.

After working with clients in person and building his own successful studio, Justin decided to focus more on family time and coaching online.  He now gets to spend his time doing what he loves most:  helping more mothers and fathers achieve what they thought they never could, and playing with his daughter.

You will find Justin’s approach very different than other trainers.  He uses a results driven approach that starts with where you are at right now, and moves you step by step towards your goal.  This incremental change allows you to change little bit by little bit at your own pace.  Compared to most programs that will throw everything at you at once, and all you to fail.

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